19th April 2011

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Republican Presidential Hopefuls

The current Republican line up for president looks more like a mid-January Cleveland Cavaliers line up.

1.  Donald Trump

Donald fucking Trump.  I couldn’t have created a more entertaining potential candidate in my wildest moments of imagination.  I just saw today, I cant remember what poll it was, that he was in the lead of all republican candidates with like 29% of the vote.  hahahahahaha.  Heres the way i see it:  Instead of any old republican candidate just taking orders from their corporate masters, they are just going straight to the point and nominating THE corporate master.  The one thing I will give to the republicans: at least they are being honest now.

2.  Mitt Romney

Its funny to watch someone argue against a policy they championed while in office.  Its flat out beautiful that the policy in question has been refered to as having “laid the groundwork for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act”.  So one of the only decent choices republicans might have had just happens to had done his own mini version of the hated “Obamacare”.  hahahaha

3.  Mike Huckabee

Obama grew up in Kenya?  Fail.  Obama has a different view of the Mau Mau Revolution than the British?  1a.  Fail, didn’t grow up there, pretty sure he never went there.  1b.  So?  The fact of the matter is that people of Kenya rose up against oppressive and brutal colonialism.  Good, those goddamn imperialists got what they deserved.  Also ripped Natalie Portman for being pregnant while simultaneously unwed?  Well, thats bullshit.  Upside?  Huckabee plays bass guitar.  Okay…. not bad… but you still suck.  

4.  Newt Gingrich

3 wives?  4?  no ones really sure anymore.  He left one while she was in the hospital.  Wow.  He has explained his inability to keep a wife with something along the lines of “I was too patriotic and too dedicated to my country”.  Wow.  Personally, I dont care how many times you cheat on however many wives you want.  But, all this from someone in the party that loves to champion “family values”?  

5.  Michele Bachmann

Wanted her constituents to be “armed and dangerous”.  Also accused Obama of taking a 200 million dollar a day trip to Asia with 2000 people and 34 American warships in tow, like some sort of modern day Mansa Musa, though instead of giving away so much gold that he collapsed the economy, he had the economy collapsed for him by the preceding president.  In response, Geoff Morrell, a Pentagon spokesman, dismissed this as “absolutely absurd this notion that somehow we were deploying 10 of the Navy - some 34 ships and an aircraft carrier - in support of the presidents trip to Asia”.


6.  Sarah Palin


On the trading block:  Ron Paul

Republicans want nothing to do with Ron Paul because he will call them on many of their shady doings.  

So yeah…  I doubt the republicans do very well in the up coming presidential elections.  Its not even that I think Obama is THAT great, hes alright I guess, but I think the republicans have just exposed themselves far too much.  

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